About Kuli

Kuldeep Shiwankar

Hey Everyone,
My name is Kuldeep and by profession I am a Foodpreneur and I stay in Nagpur (India).

I am a very simple person almost to the point that you can call me boring. I am the old school type - workaholic, passionate and hardworking. If you want to know me, best is we meet over a drink or two.

I don't want to use this page to tell about myself but rather about my writing. I guess that is the primary reason why you are here. Right? And a writer like me is not at all important, but if any one of my writings can stand the test of time and be remembered and liked by generations to come, then that will be a nice thing. But still that is not the primary reason why I write.
I write because it makes me feel good.

I had been writing since 2004 with an objective to impress just one girl - Bhagi (my girlfriend for 5 and a half years and my wife for 4 years). I feel my writing still happens mostly from the perception - "How would have Bhagi liked this?"
But the stories are not always about me or Bhagi (though you might be tempted to believe so). I also write them from a perception of a protagonist who is unique in his/her own way. If you feel akin to anyone of the characters or like a piece of my writing then I will be humbled and if you don't like my writings then I will keep writing till someday you like a piece of my work.
My father tells me that I will have to keep writing for the rest of my life.

However since April 2017 I have also decided to publish work of other authors and these will appear on a separate page "By Other Authors". It would be an honor to be able to publish as many beautiful work of other authors on Gucchaa. So if would like please send me your work on kuldeep.shiwankar@gmail.com.



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