Still feels like..... (Authors: Kuli & Bhagi)

I started writing because Bhagi use to challenge me. In initial days she use to put out a 4 liner in my email and i was to complete the next 4. Those were the days when rhymes were more important than the actual content and i googled for the rhyming words. But she raised the bar each time and i started writing with more conviction. The below mentioned poem is one from those early days. I never thought i would publish it for everyone to read. But as always i am wrong again. Hope you like our armature effort. I definitely like it for its innocence and simplicity. For its hope of eternity in this ephemeral world.

Bhagi – 
it seems like it was just yesterday
When I first saw you,
When cupid struck us alike
And our hearts met too.

Memories of all d moments spent with you
are still fresh in my mind.
My heart still flutters when I think of your smile.

Kuli - 
We are meant to be together,
We’re meant to go far.
And we are closer than ever
With every passing hour.

Two hearts and one soul then someday we’ll be
Living this life is impossible without thee.
We’ll fly in the skies like a pair of doves,
And I’m sure even He’ll envy our pristine love.

Both - 
This journey together will outlive the celestial being- old n new,
But even then it’ll still feel like just yesterday
when I first saw you.


  1. It's never in the rhyme or the structure, where the beauty of poetry lies. But in the feelings it invokes,the words and all that remains unsaid between those words. Am so glad you have these precious lines to look back on the good times the two of you shared!

    1. "the words and all that remains unsaid between those words" - You nailed it!!! I am gonna borrow that one. :)
      I do wait eagerly for something on 'Perceptions!!!!' but i can understand that Neil must be quite a handful.

    2. Mast ekdum ....

  2. This beautiful, I never knew ratna to be a poet. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. This is so beautifully written Kuldeep 👏

  4. Heart wrenching ! But i am sure something you cherish even today. Masterpiece.


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