Born to fly in wide open sky.
Born to swim in deep blue stream.
So i thought and chased my dreams.
Oblivious of life and its many hues.

Lost in our corner and its finality we deem,
Living the life and daring the fright - it seems.

Then a girl walked to me carrying a mirror,
and held she it to my face pretty near.
I hoped to see my smile unfold,
but instead i saw the smiling world.
I anticipated seeing my gleaming eyes,
but sorrow of the daughters made me sigh.

Said she - The Buddha too saw it just once,
unhappy then with what He did see,
wanting to set the world then free,
He left the palace to wan the sorrow,
so that the dark had brighter dawn tomorrow.

I remember silhouettes of the mirrors' lamp every day now.
and pain comes first but courage late.
I then reason my weakness with the world's fate.
Telling my soul that - this is how life is meant to be,
the warp and the woof for the God to see.
So much we can endure He'll make us feel,
and when the pain ceases He sends the angels to heal.

The mirror's shadows but now refuse to die.
she tells me that my reckoning is a big huge lie.
Promise hence i, to help whoever i can see.
So today i began by helping me.


  1. Straight from your heart
    You have found the path
    From where u start
    Is the new awakening light :)

    M glad u hv started this way .....


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