She held his hand in one of hers
and stretched it out to the rain.
She saw the fun in her naive game,
he saw her smile and gave her name.

She had her coffee in a motif mug.
He had her laughter in an embraced hug.
The setting sun then lit the sky,
but their happiness just made me cry.
For i saw them there and i missed you long,
and i sang from the past our happy song.
I too wish to hold your hand in the pouring rain,
and spend a day on the window's pane.

I sit by your side and look into your waning eyes,
and i'll let you go once i hear these lies,
but someday's promise will keep me alive.
Your someday's promise will keep me alive.


  1. Ratnaaaaaaaaaaa.. tum hamesha hamare sath ho ....or ye Daya Mashi ...always Krisha Ke sath rehegi ...with lots of care....


  2. These beautiful eyes still reflect the glint of love for life, hope and a strong spirit of generosity to others. It is this very process of one of her offering of a Budding Flower, to this world which deprived us of her glowing and magnetic presence.
    Ratna you will be always there in our heart.....Jyoti Tai

  3. i am speechless...
    i will pray to lord... to make u 2 meet again..


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