The best thing about me....(Inspiration)

Some inspirations are quickly worked upon. It's a message from the cosmos I believe. But beliefs keep changing, at least mine do. God would know that, for within me cosmos took His place. This poem is result of one such inspiration - Thank you Rajesh and Shruti 

Vast span of time and words so few,
There are many a ways but I know none new,
Oh! but tell I must and I must tell you,
the best thing about me is you.

I was there as I am now,
You asked me then but I didn't know how.
My smiles were different, naive n warm,
Other pondered if they had your charm.
Had he any inkling that I was changing in you
He'd sat by pond and caressed a few
Lines of laughter and salt of joy
And would've conspired with me on a ploy,
To free the sun from amongst your eyes
and paste it on the eastern skies.
Only I he'd know can do that fraud,
For I can be the demon while becoming God.
But I didn't let you down this time around,
Nay i didn't succumb to no temptation found.
Recon i, let Him wait till eternity and long
as a piece of my soul is now your song.
It's singing the old rhymes in ways new,
Telling the world - the best thing about me is you.

Held you my hand and my soul you read
Miles we've come and miles to tread.
Ioved I me and my shadow I knew
while you plucked the sky and mopped the dew.
I saw then how I've become you,
So is it a wonder that the best thing about me is you?


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