These roads longer than life
amble to no destination found,
Till end and beyond - the sky and sand
And me and I is all round.

A handful of my soul and a little more
Is still in your city and its lane,
I'm here to soak a part of my heart
In the moonless meteor rain.

I guess I will leave some of this Jas
For a few thousand grains to rend,
Then till eternity and next
I'll be standing on these road's bend.


Two pointers:
1) Dedicated to Jaspreet and the traveler in you and me.

2) The first two lines are borrowed from Gulzar Sahab's work. The actual lines are - इन उम्र से लम्बी सड़कों को, मंज़िल पे पहुँचते देखा नहीं l 


  1. I am not a poem person. I prefer your blogs & short stories. :-)


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