My moment of love

I came across this news report in Times of India and was wondering how in this country everything from constitution to consummation is upheld and decided by judiciary.

But what remain stuck in my teeth was the classic husband - wife conflict. Wives usually complain about the lack of love or at least the lack of expression of it and husbands usually ignore.

Wife - "You are no more the romantic that you were in college."
Husband - "Pyaar se ghar nahi chalta. Love won't keep us alive when we are hungry."
Wife - "Correction - Sirf pyaar se ghar nahi chalta, aur na pyaar ke bina chalta hai."

Most wives, I guess, do not doubt the love but yammer the inexpression of it. Bhagi too did, but she was patient with me probably because she understood me better than myself. Here is what she had to say about love….her love.

For everyone who  knows my husband, he comes across as a person whose entire life is his work or business. Everything else, family, friends, love, romance,………is secondary. Even I am not sure whether I can deny this!!! ;)

During our dating days (which was a good 5+ years long distance relationship which was virtually non-existent - pun intended), I have always had to compete with his job to get his attention - by this I mean even a single phone call. And there would be weeks wherein we wouldn't talk to each other.

After he quit his job, he has been married to his business. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I say that I am probably his second wife!!!

However there comes a moment in everybody's life when love & relationship become stronger than ever. Don't get me wrong here. There is no doubt in my mind that my husband loves me a lot…… there is just that lack of expression of this love.

Anyway, my moment of love came at a very least expected time. I had a missed abortion earlier this year (2014) and was scheduled for a surgery (D&C), which was quite suddenly decided. We went to the doctor the previous evening who said that she would perform the D&C the next morning.

The day started very early (at 4:30 or 5 am to be precise). We had been called at 7 am and had to take a medicine that early. My hubby dearest, who usually sleeps like a baby even through my persistent coughing, was up and about with me thought the day. He avoided all his calls and work and was there by my side. The procedure got postponed from 10:30 am to about 4:30 pm & he, who is fussy about eating on time, was there till I was taken into the procedure room. He said he would eat while I was in the procedure, but there he was as soon as I was reeled out. In that period between bouts of consciousness and unconsciousness, he held my hands (both hands at an awkward position) and never let go.  After I was fully awake, he ensured that he lent me his shoulder to lean on. Even while the match was on (some India's cricket match) he had an eye on me and was next to me to press my head when I grimaced with pain.

Not once in that entire day was he concerned about 'Baron' primarily. I was his cynosure throughout. He did everything for me unsaid & unasked for.
  • I may be second to 'Baron' at normal times.
  • My hubby may not be the romantic, mushy boyfriend that he was back in college.
  • He may not profess his love every day.

But I surely know that when it matters the most, he will be there for me - completely & utterly……well , if this isn't true love then what is????  


Bhagi did teach me that - Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want to be loved, it doesn't mean that the person doesn't love you at all. But I surely did became more expressive after this and now after all these years I know that love does keep us alive.

So don't you wait. I would say to you to go and tell your partner how much you love him or her. And if you are wondering how to? then here is a song . A song for all the eternal lovers.


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  3. I might be really emotional right now and out of words to express. It's been a very very short time span i know you but after this blog it feels i could feel your heart, Bhagi's love and the bond you both shared.
    Love will keep us alive <3


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