Disponible (Inspiration)

I'm not much of a sympathiser of the world's pain. I am too busy  with my selfishness. Moreover I am a doer and lending a patient ear to someone's grief is not my thing. I know of this Spanish lady who has been following the Syrian war closely. Talking about the fall out of the war on the little Syrian children on her social handles. She has never been to Syria though and I on my first instant discounted her as an armchair sympathiser and bickered to a friend about uselessness of these socialites. 
That until I got a chance to speak to a girl whose  life was saved because someone was there to listen to her vows. Because someone was available to let her lighten her burdened heart. 
The Spanish friend is one such person who is always available to who might need her. She is a lady of few words and abundant care. 

Her WhatsApp status reads - Disponible. I asked her for its meaning and she wrote back 

Disponible, says i am available
for you to hold me in your heart
we've never met, shall never part.
Says I am there and here
when you want to talk of your pain
or walk down a memory lane.

Handy like my book of poems
Available like stories on your hand,
Above like sky, beneath like sand.
Free like the empty soul
Vacant to carry your dust and gold.
Filled with you and empty for more.
Full of doubts but still very sure.

When i stretch my hand on a moonless night,
All i ever want is to touch yours
Telling me you are disponible for me

Telling me " I am, I will always be"

* Photograph - courtesy Claudia Moya (Claudia with Syrian war refugee kids)


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