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I am a member of a poetry group in Nagpur called "Rhyme & Reason" for last one year. Once every month we all meet and discuss a poet and his/her work and then have an open mic session, where talented, budding and amature poets from the city recite their own poems. My lack of talent has made me the silent spectator who comes to the meet regularly and listen to others. I strictly follow the tenet that says "Keep quiet and let others believe that you are a fool, than open your mouth and remove all the doubts". πŸ˜†
Well we also have a WhatsApp group of Rhyme & Reason where I do shed some of my inhibition and contribute meagerly from my pool of mediocrity. But this time around something happened and I could not help but post it here. 

A someone called Vasubandhu posted this picture of a lady with a dog. The post said that there are 4 puppies that the lady wants to donate and shared some other details about their lineage and sex. The group admin was quick to respond saying that the group is meant only for poetry posts and non-poetry post should be strictly avoided. Vasubandhu apologised and that could have been the end of  it had I not written what transpired in the spur of the moment. Here is what I wrote

Let me do it the poetic way.
I hope Vasubandhu would not mind the imbecile me.

Puppies for adoption - by Kuli 
So let me ask you if would need
And if you love the canine breed 
For a damsel has four of these 
She is ready to part without a fees 
Three male and a bitch they are
The cutest puppies I've seen so far
Here is a pic of two, I’m sending you
But please don't ask me, who is who?  

Among a tepid applause another member responded with a rhyme much to amusement of the fellow members. Sei is a talented poet and she wrote.

I have 4 pups that need a home too, 
Do you mind if I borrow a line or two

Now Sei and I go back to Tinder. But like all my Tinder stories this too ended virtually. After a couple of pleasant exchanges Sei decided she would not take it forward. So here was my chance to impress her one more time and try my luck. Thus I wrote..

Dear dear Sei, please be my guest
Use all the lines that suits you best
But then you'll have to pay me back
With a Tinder date or some oily snack

Among a roar of laughter it was her turn to shoot the salvo. She responded fervently saying...

You feed them, they love you 
You leave them they wait
That's all I thought pups did
Till I saw them get a date!

By now the group was enjoying and instigating us both. How could I let it go. My next response was thus...

Oh dogs we are and we like to run
Behind cars or girls or just for fun.
Seldom does someone takes the bait
And takes us out on a lovely date.
We know that girls all full of lies
And fool us with their puppy eyes.
But once in a while we beat the odds
Not for nothing do they call us dogs.

Sei laughed a hearty laugh but was not the one to give it up with me having the advantage. She responded by writing 

He says girls are full of lies
Yet it is girls he always eyes
Talking of eyes, they're mostly the bait
But mine don't really stay on guys

But for my sisters, liars or not
I wouldn't let your words cloud my thought
I'd take a troll, a joke, a meme
I'd happily take one for my team

For as long as dogs chase a car
They run fast, move afar
As far as this joke has gone
Pups are for adoption, kind people, please pick one!

Finally , Mayank Bhadoriya, another member decided that this was enough. And when he asked us to stop I was much relieved since, as I said, I am a man of limited talent. He asked us to put an end to the banter but since there was no way he could do it the non poetic way, it was his turn to deliver the final rhyme with a reason. 

Of poetry, rhyme and witty banter,
And puppies being the benefactor.
I couldn't resist but comment,
Sei and Kuldeep, please relent.
Dogs are wonderful so why the thinking?
Rhyme is fine but let's just get picking.
Take it from me, a dog less canine lover,
Hoping the dogs find a home once this is over 
Dogs,men,women and liars could wait.
Adorable pooches needing a home await.
They might find a home soon
And others a date,
Some get neither, alas it's fate!
Nevertheless its a waste to ponder.
Who shall be the lucky homeowner, I wonder?

P.S - I have shamelessly posted without anybody's permission. But then I took my chances. If anybody has an objection to anything please let me know. I might not do anything about it but I surely can give a patient ear. πŸ‘ΏπŸ˜‰


  1. Awww...that's actually man of unlimited talent. Loved reading it and rhyming doesn't need reason..perfect proof.


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