Politics of Change

Chai Tapri in this country is a place where you can sit and gauge the mood of our nation. For a common man time slows down, emotions run high and solid intellectual discussions happen at a Chai Tapri. I am fortunate to be a part of one such place. We gather here and, over steaming cup of teas and burning cigarettes,  we discuss things just for the heck of it. 

We were sitting yesterday at this Chai Tapri of ours watching election results unfold and after a long time I saw that anti-establishment jokes were flowing in galore. Something that hasn't happened in last 4 years at least. 

I like nice jokes. A joke , I think, is a good way of dealing with the issues at hand without getting into an ugly argument. No no, by all means I am in favor of arguments as well. I believe that arguments are good. However in recent times we Indians have lost the subtle art of argument and have turned it into mudslinging and name calling affair, that becomes so cacophonous, that the issue at hand gets lost. Moreover the present regime and its supporters have been very 'intolerant' if you ever dared to crack even an innocuous joke about the government or its Leader. That is when someone said that "after today's election result this attitude will change. That things will change". We all laughed at his innocence and told him "Bhai, in this country governments change; conditions of public don't". 

On this very premise is my this poetic humor - dedicated to the common man in all of us.

I tell anyone who would listen and is in the mood.
In India you can get killed for the choice of your food.
I mean if you kill a cow you deserved to die like a pig.
But PM you become, if in a genocide right graves you dig.
At this a Bhakt got offended and confronted me.
He asked how could I say such a thing about Modiji.
I said “Bhai, sorry but I was talking about Rajiv Gandhi”. 😎


P. S. - inspired by the political sarcasm by the likes of Sanjay Rajoura and Varun Grover


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