BATU gave us all great friends. While we lost some to God, a few to misunderstandings and a lot to our busyness.........the friendship still remains. Bhagi and I spoke often about the friendships in BATU and outside it. While we always remained best friends, we both missed the friendship we left in BATU. Here are a few pics of those old days and a poem about two friends. It's actually about all those friends we left in college. It's about us. I must remind you - memories are like i am not gonna warn you to use it moderately. I would rather say - Thoda Namkeen Ho Jaye!!!

Sometimes I miss you my dost,
while for days on end I fight you the most.
Sometimes I wait for you to miss me,
while for the best of my days you never leave me.
Sometimes I remember the times when we cried in each other’s arms
and I’m sorry for those days but I meant no harm.
It’s been so long now since we laughed as one
but there is a part of my smile that is yours’ and an omen
I don’t mourn the distance that separates us though,
nor do I feel the ache of this disconnect or at least I tell myself so.
I just celebrate this dostana which I feel the earth should envy,
of savi and kuli …………..of you and me.


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